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Instinct VBC has differentiated itself from competitors by the SUCCESS of its RECRUITING program. 100 % of our seniors have moved on to play in college. College coaches know that when they recruit an athlete from Instinct, they are receiving a freshman that is ready to contribute right away.
What college coaches love about recruiting Instinct athletes:
  • strong volleyball skills and mental toughness due to our high quality training
  • mastery of nutritional principles (first club in the USA with a Sports Dietitian on staff)
  • sound understanding of proper lifting techniques
  • ready to insert themselves into the new community (Instinct Cares programs)

College coaches are excited about recruiting from Instinct because they are not only getting high quality volleyball players, but they are also saving a lot of time and resources educating these young athletes in all these areas. This is a huge benefit for colleges and also for the athletes. They arrive in college with a competitive advantage.

What we offer:

  • strong network with college coaches around the country
  • free profile page – you can send the direct link to recruiters
  • general recruiting seminar
  • one individual meeting to set goals and/or follow up
  • liaison between colleges and athletes
Cilene Drewnick
Head Trainer
Eduardo Drewnick
Club Director
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