Due to the concern around COVID 19, last season we took a conservative approach and developed a basic budget which did not include ammenities we usually offer such as travel for top teams, sports performance and postseason. The positive outlook for the upcoming season made us include these ammenities back into some of our teams. All WIld Gold and Black will have a Sports Performance Package included in the club fees. Most of the Wild Gold and Wild Black teams will travel out of state at least 1 time (except 12s and 13s) and our Wild Gold 14s-15s-16s-17s-18s will have postseason training and tournament included. It is impossible to prepare for every scenario, but these are specific things we have decided to do for the 21-22 season:

  • There are NO refunds/credits unless the season is cancelled, so if you commit to a team, you are expected to participate.
  • Trigger for refund/credit  is USA-NTR officially cancelling the season
  • Developed budget to recognize what can be refunded/credited at anytime of the season, so every family knows what they have at risk, and there are no surprises.
  • If tournaments are cancelled, we intend to continue to offer practices unless we are not allowed.
  • Expenses that are refundable, non refundable and recoverable
  • As payments are made, money is allocated to nonrefundable expenses, recoverable expenses and the difference is refundable
  • Recoverable expenses are refundable but amount may vary pending on what the club recovers ( for cancelled tournaments and travel)
  • The NTR tournament schedule will be officially published in late August-early September so team schedules will be finalized then.
  • To be eligible for a refund/credit, family must be up to date with payments.
  • Skills sessions September til November, Tentatively on Wednesdays

Fees DO include:

  • Tournament entrance fees, practices courts, coaching expenses, uniforms and equipment for all teams.
  • Coaches travel expenses for REGULAR season. (airfare, transportation, meals, hotel.
  • Coaches travel for posteseason for teams with postseason included.
  • Sports Performance Package for WIld Gold and Wild Black teams.
  • Skills sessions September til November – tentatively on Wednesdays

Fees DON’T include:
– Player Travel (airfare, transportation, meals, hotels)
– Post Season training and competition. Only exceptions are 18WG, 17WG, 16WG, 15WG, 14WG

We offer different levels.

Team Season Practices a week Duration


Out of State Postseason Included
Metro Jan-Apr once 1.5 hrs 3-4 0 No
Wild Dec-Apr twice 2 hrs 6-7 0 No(**)
Wild Black Dec-Apr twice 2hrs + sports performance 8-9 1 No(**)
Wild Gold 15-17 Dec-Jul twice 2hrs + sports performance 9-11 2 Yes(*)
Wild Gold 14 Dec-Jul twice 2hrs + sports performance 9-11 1 Yes(*)
Wild Gold 12-13 Dec-Apr twice 2hrs + sports performance 8-9 0 No(**)
WIld Gold 18s Dec-Apr twice 2hrs + sports performance 8-10 2 Yes(*)


(*) Will attend USAV Nationals (late June-early July) if team qualifies or AAU Nationals (mid to late June). Practices start at the end of May and go until GJNC or AAU. 

(**) Postseason training and tournaments are NOT included. Team will attend Nationals if team qualifies. Extra cost will apply for postseason. $900-$1,200

Sports Performance offered twice a week on practices nights.

Team Acceptance Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr Total
Metro $319 $220 $220 $220 $220   $1,199
Wild $750 $275 $275 $275 $275 $275 $275 $275 $275 $275 $3,225
WIld Black $750 $465 $465 $465 $465 $465 $465 $465 $465 $465 $4,935
WG 15-17 $750 $635 $635 $635 $635 $635 $635 $635 $635 $635 $6,465
WG 14 $750 $583 $583 $583 $583 $583 $583 $583 $583 $583 $5,997
WG 12-13 $750 $410 $410 $410 $410 $410 $410 $410 $410 $410 $4,440
WG 18