Coronavirus Statement

Link to USAV page with updates about all National Qualifiers

March 25, 2020 – Updates

Denton County has issued a STAY AT HOME order effective March 24 at 11:59 pm and effective for 7 days. All business except the ones providing essential services must be closed. For these reason, all club activities are postponed/cancelled until April 1st.

March 20, 2020 – Updates

Instinct family, we just sent a detailed email with a lot of information regardig the current status. The main points we covered are:

1. USAV has extended  the suspension of sanctioning to all events until April 15.  No tournaments scheduled until then will happen.

2. Denton County has issued an executive order closing all gyms until March 25. The situation will be reevaluated then. This means all our club activities (practices, group lessons and privates) will be suspended/postponed until March 25.

3. We will revise our schedule once the situation is a bit clearer. We are NOT commiting to any rescheduled qualifier and tournament until then. More details regarding this topic are included in the email.

4. For the ones trying to stay in shape, we attached a pdf to the email with workouts developed by our Sports Performance/Injury Prevention coach.


March 18, 2020 – Updated

Instinct family, we hope everyone is safe and healthy in these challenging times. Right now it seems like USAV and NTR are trying to shift the season to May and June. Some Qualifiers are getting postponed as opposed to the first ones that got cancelled. Once the situation improves and in the case USAV allows tournaments to start taking place, there will be a small window to schedule tournaments. If that is the case, there might be several conflicts with a few qualifiers happening in the same weekend, so we are not committing to any qualifiers yet. We will adjust our schedule once we have better clarity. Things are changing rapidly and we will keep you posted.

This is a statement issued by the North Texas Region on March 17, 2020

We wanted to take a moment to reach out and thank everyone for their understanding for the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and the event cancellations and suspensions. While these unprecedented actions have upset some, and many are understandably disappointed, volleyball is family, and we wanted to act in the best interests of our family. We are continuing to actively monitor recommendations from local, state and national governing bodies as well as working to extent our season until the end of June to allow time to reschedule all postponed region events. This may include moving Bid Regionals later into May and moving McChesney Championships into June as a Pre-Nationals warm-up. As you’re aware, circumstances are changing by the hour and our staff is working hard to stay on top of everything. We have created a page on our website for weekly status of NTR and National events planned for the coming days and months. USAV is in constant communication regarding the current situation and we will post any updates on this same page.

March 16, 2020 – Updated

USAV has a meeting today to decide on next steps. The NTR Board of Directors has a tentative meeting scheduled for tonight for the same reasons. The NTR Club Directors will also meet some time this week. We all have many concerns and questions about practices and tournaments, but right now we have to wait for these meetings to take place so we can make decisions. USA decided to suspend all insurance and sanctioning for events until March 31 (tournaments and practices), so at this time we have to wait for their position after their meeting. For the reasons above and to keep our families safe, we are cancelling all club activities until March 22.

Internally we have developed procedures to keep the gym sanitized, and we have developed a plan to  follow the CDC’s recommendation to keep gatherings to less than 50 people.  We will be ready to implement the plan once we hear from the governing entities.

Thanks for your patience and stay healthy.

March 13, 2020 – Updated

USAV has made the following statement:

March 13, 2020 Update – 5 p.m. Mountain

“We are continuing to monitor the status of COVID-19 coronavirus. In the interest of welfare and safety of our membership, USA Volleyball is eliminating the sanctioning for all USA Volleyball activities (including but not limited to events, practices, individual training sessions or anything covered by USA Volleyball insurance) effective 11:59 p.m., Friday, March 13. This ban on all USA Volleyball sanctioned activities extends through March 31. We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will provide periodic updates as information becomes more apparent. Please refer to this page for the latest updated information.”

Not all qualifiers scheduled from now  til March 31 have been officially cancelled, but the withdraw of the insurance provided by USAV until March 31 will most likely cause all qualifiers scheduled from now until that date to be cancelled. All Qualifiers that have been cancelled so far have communicated with everyone about the way they are handling the hotel reservations. Don’t act on your own; wait til they communicate since in all cases so far, the organizers are dealing directly with the hotels to handle the cancellations.

USAV, NTR Board of Directors and NTR Club Directors have meetings next week, and we will keep you posted on how the season will look like once we have more information.

Cancelled Qualifiers involving Instinct teams:

SHOW ME 1 – Kansas City – 12WG and 14 WB

WINDY CITY – Chicago – 13WG

NORTHEAST – Philadelphia – 14WG

March 12, 2020  – Updated

Instinct Family,

Since our last statement regarding the Coronavirus, USAV has updated its stance on the Coronavirus.

Follow this link for USAV statement –

“Due to recent events and information concerning the current status of the COVID-19 coronavirus, USA Volleyball is recommending that all USAV-sanctioned events scheduled through March 22 be postponed or cancelled to ensure the welfare and safety of our athletes, spectators and staff. We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and will provide periodic updates as information becomes more apparent. “

In face of these recent developments, we have decided to postpone our scheduled INTO THE PRIDE TOURNAMENT scheduled for this Saturday, Mar 14. We will set a new date once we have a better view and understanding regarding the Coronavirus situation. We see this as the best decision to preserve the health and well being of all participants. 

Also, due to the developments from the last 24 hours, we have decided to cancel all practices and activities today, tomorrow, and over the weekend.

From what we gather based on the information available, practices are still safe since there is no high concentration of people. We intend to continue practices as scheduled starting on Monday unless there are further developments. We will use the same procedures and precautions outlined in our previous statement.

Have a great rest of the week, and we hopefully see you next week.

Instinct VBC

Cancelled Qualifiers involving Instinct teams:

SHOW ME 1 – Kansas City – 12WG and 14 WB

March 11, 2020

Instinct Family,

We want to provide an update on our position with the increased concern regarding the Coronavirus. In a previous statement (updated on March 11, 2020), USA Volleyball has determined that it would be premature to cancel tournaments at this time. They are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and may alter their decision should the need arise.

We intend to continue to monitor the situation and abide to the decisions by USA Volleyball, NTR, and federal and local authorities. At this time, practices will continue to happen at scheduled days and times. As most of you know, it is extremely hard to find hand sanitizers for sale. All our supplies have been depleted by the fact that our visitors are using our hand sanitizers more often than they usually do, plus, in some cases, whole bottles of hand sanitizers have disappeared. We recommend that every girl should bring their own hand sanitizer until we can find more to purchase. We do have Lysol and other disinfectants and we have instructed our staff to clean surfaces and door handles often. Cleanliness has been always a priority but we are focusing even more due to the virus.

Other points of emphasis:

  • Players need to be conscious of their hands during team huddles and timeouts. “Hands in!” needs to be replaced with non-contact cheers.
  • During substitutions, players should not touch hands.
  • Players should replace their usual “high-fives” with individual celebrations (clapping hands).
  • Athletes and coaches acting as an R2 should clean their hands before placing their whistle (which also needs cleaning) into their mouth.
  • If a player or parent has a fever or is suspected of being ill, they should stay home. A volleyball match is not worth it.
  • Pick up & dispose of your own drink bottles…do not leave at the bench.
  • Wash your hands throughout the day and certainly before you eat or drink.
  • We cannot effectively clean volleyballs, which are made of a porous leather surface and do not react well to spray and gels.

This is a link to USAV statement regarding the Coronavirus – Click

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In case we have to cancel practices or tournaments, we will post in our website and Social Media.