Accepting a spot with Instinct

Welcome to the Instinct family!

The below information is for players that are offered a position on an Instinct club team in the month of July during the NTR’s “Evaluation Period”.

There are a few things we need everyone to do prior to the official Acceptance (Signing) Day.  The North Texas Region (NTR) of USA Volleyball is the governing body of Club Volleyball for the Dallas area.  The NTR is using the Online Commitment System (OCS) to help communicate and track offers and acceptance for club teams.  This system is important to help enforce the recruiting policies that help protect for the families and clubs.

Public OCS Website Link

Acceptance (Signing) Day
Tuesday, July 11th for all teams


I have been offered a spot on an Instinct team, what do I do next?

  1. Communicate Quickly and Clearly to your Coach or Instinct Administration that you accept the offer and your daughter is 100% in for the team offered.
  2. Verify you are receiving emails from the OCS server | Click Here to Verify your Email
  3. If you did NOT play in North Texas region of USA Volleyball last year, then you will need to add your daughter to the OCS database | Click Here to add player to OCS
    • If you played on a NTR club team last year, then your name is already in the database… you do NOT want to create a duplicate record of your daughter
    • Instinct Admin will let you know if your daughter is not in the OCS prior to Acceptance day.
  4. Make sure you have an LeagueApps account.  If you signed up for tryouts, you most likely have an account as it was used to signup. | Click Here to go to LeagueApps

ON ACCEPTANCE DAY: (Dates above)

  • Between 1am & 6am, you will receive an Offer from the OCS from “No Reply” (
  • The title of the email will be similar to “Offer from NTR Club”
  • Click the Link in the email. Make sure it is from Instinct. Some clubs try to send offers even if you did not accept an offer, There are 2 things to get done in the email:
  • (1) Accept the Offer at the bottom of the offer email.
  • (2) Sign the Instinct Season Agreement (link to agreement will be in offer email).  You can sign the agreement from a phone or computer (no printing needed).
  • Make the initial payment in the Docusign agreement. 
  • Once we receive all agreements and initial payments, we will send an invitation for a team from League Apps. You will have to accept the invitation, and sign up for Auto Pay. Payment will be automatically deducted on the 5th of each month. If you wish to pay by cash or check, you will still need to register for Auto Pay. If you submit payment by the last day of the previous month, we will apply to your account and your credit card will not be charged.