NTR Non Bid Regional – McChesney

Event Details
Start Date04/27/2024
Days2 Day Tournament
Teams14 Wild
15 Wild Black
13 Wild Black
10-11 Cats
12 Wild Gold
13 Wild Gold
14 Wild Black
12 Wild
16 Wild
15 Wild
10 Cats Leg
Team Arrive By Schedule Location Pool
11 Wild 2:15 PM P-R-P SWAC Click
12 Wild Gold 7:15 AM P-R-P-R-O-P SWAC Click
12 Wild 2:15 AM P-O-R-P-P-O SWAC Click
13 Wild Black 2:30 PM R-P-P Flyers Click
14 Wild 7:30 AM O-P-P-O-P-R Net Results Click
15 Wild 7:15 AM O-P-P-O-P-R Courtside Click
16 Wild Black 7:30 AM R-P-O-P-R-P SSAC Click
P-PLAY     R-REF     O-OFF

In case there are discrepancies in the schedule, please follow the one on Star as it is updated more often.