Savanna Clash 2

Event Details
Start Date02/07/2021
Days1 Days Tournament
Teams15 Cheetahs Wild Black
16 White Tigers Wild Black
14-15 Metro Blue
16 White Tigers Metro Blue

Date: 2/7/2021

A few important points that you MUST know befor coming:

– Due to COVID, we are not offering seating. Bring your own chair.

– Gate is $ 10

– Door will open at 7:30 am. Teams should arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled match.

– We strongly advise 1 parent per kid. We will allow 2 in some circumstances assuming the capacity permits. Please do not bring dad, mom, sibling, grandapa, etc

– Mask and/or face covering must be worn at all times by spectators. NO OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINKS.

– For all the rules please CLICK HERE

Schedule has been posted  at vstar a d can also be found HERE.


We finally received a final position from the NTR. We will have to go to a NOREFEREE format. This means we will have coaches working as R1 (main referee), and players doing books and lines. Due to the adoption of the new format, we were asked to reduce the number of courts from 6 to 4 which in turn made us reduce the number of teams in some divisions.

15s- maximum 8 teams   16s- maximum 4 teams and 17-18s- maximum 4 teams

We had to make the tough decision of dropping some teams based on the dates we received payment in order to fit these numbers. If your team did not make the list of accepted teams, we apologize and aprreciate your understanding. The COVID situation has made all of us adapt to new challenges as we go. It is also by no means, your club director’s fault. Most have registered and sent payment, but the shortage of referees has caused this situation.

Schedules will be posted on tonight. Keep in mind that due to COVID we are not offering seating at the gym. BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR. We also would like to limit to 1 parent per athlete (maximum 2 in special circumstances). Please respect this rule. Masks must be worn at all times. For full set of facility rules, CLICK HERE.

Teams Accepted for 15s Division: Instinct 15WB, Skyhigh 15 Purple, Instinct 14-15 Metro Blue, Cross Court 15, Arsenal Sports 15 Red, DFW Elite 15 Blue, Infinity 15 Green,

Teams Accepted for 16s Division: Instinct 16 Metro Blue, Skyhigh 16 Purple, Aresenal Sports 16 Elite, Instinct 16WB

Teams Accepted for 17-18s Division: Grit 17 Reed, Cross Court 17, Texas Legends 17 Blue, TNT 17 Velocity

2/3/21 Update:

The NTR continues to work with us on trying to resolve the shortage of referees issue. We should have a final position tomorrow, but it seems like we will probably have to go to a no referee format. This means the coaches will be the R1s and the teams will have to work. If this format is indeed confirmed, we probably can’t host all teams due to capacity limitations related to COVID. The vast majority of teams have replied stating that they want to play in either format. Once we firm up the format with the region, we will know for sure the number of teams we can have per division. If at that point we have more teams in the tournament than the number allowed by the NTR, we will have to drop a few teams. Assuming we do not have any volunteers to drop, we will have to drop teams based on the date we received payment. Thanks for working with us through this process.

2/2/21 Update: Our intention was to post the schedules for the event tonight, Feb 2, at . The schedule has been ready since last weekend using the new format, a 4-team pool split in 2 courts with no working teams. One R1 per court and each playing team offering 2 volunteer parents per match: one for scorekeeping and 1 for lines.

However, this coming weekend has turned out to be the weekend with the biggest shortage of refs for the season. Tournaments across the region are spread over more facilities than the number of facilities used during the MLK tournament weekend and there are at least 30 less referees available. Many referees are in COVID quarantine and/or unavailable. The region is trying its very best to find a solution but we will have to wait one more day. We are waiting on confirmation if we will have enough referees to cover the event or if we will have to change the format.

1-day tornament

Divisions: 15s, 16s, 17-18s

Entry Fee: $ 230

Tentative locations


SSAC Facility Rules:

  • Gate: Volleyball – $10 day pass
  • Seniors 65 and older $5
  • 5 and under free
  • Full service concession stand available. Serving breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks, smoothies and beverages
  • Due to COVID, bleachers and chairs are not provided by SSAC. Bring your own chairs.
  • Prohibited: Outside food, beverages, coolers,, alcohol, weapons, tobacco, smoking of any kind.
  • No tailgating