CD9 – Next Level Volleyball Training by Cilene Drewnick

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Start Date05/17/2022
May 2022
05/17 - Tuesday
05/18 - Wednesday
05/24 - Tuesday
05/25 - Wednesday
05/31 - Tuesday

June 2022
06/01 - Wednesday
06/07 - Tuesday
06/08 - Wednesday
06/14 - Tuesday
06/15 - Wednesday
06/21 - Tuesday
06/22 - Wednesday
06/28 - Tuesday
06/29 - Wednesday
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Whether you are a professional volleyball player trying to improve a specific area of your game, or a high school player preparing to pursue your dream in college, 2-time Olympic player Cilene Drewnick has the knowledge, expertise and network to get you there.


Chiaka Ogbogu

USA National Team and former UT

Kat Bell

Professional Player and former UT

Anabelle Smith

Stanford Middle Blocker Hitter

Macaya White

Professional Player and former UT



“There are about 11,000 athletes in the Summer Olympics. With the world population at about 7 billion, the chances of making it that far are about 1 in 562,400,” says Bill Mallon, past president and co-founder of the International Society of OlympicHistorians. That means only .000000178% make to Olympic Games. Cilene Drewnick played twice in the Olympic games for the Brazilian National Team. This amazing Experience to play in the Olympics is lived by only 11,091 Athletes around the 206 Nations.

Next Level Volleyball is a new training concept forprofessional players, incoming college freshmen and Collegiate Athletes.

Cilene Drewnick, former professional and Olympic player, and also Instinct VBC’s Head Trainer, developed this new comcept to prepare and develop Pro and Collegiate level players for their upcoming seasons. The sessions emphasize player development and important details to prepare these athletes to play at the next level.

Cilene will provide to athletes the latest technical training and development, working with Athletes mind and body to take their game to another level!

Cilene is blessed to have the opportunity of train amazing athletes like @Chiaka Ogbogu, Professional Player, Gold Medalist and Menber of the USAV National Team UT All american Alumni, @Kierra Holst Pro Athlete, OU Alumni All American @kathBell Pro Athlete and UT All American Alumni @Micaya White Pro Athlete and UT All American Alumni @Kylie Pickell Pro Player NCstate All American @Nicole Drewnick – Nebraska just to name a few.

Tuesdays – 11:30am to 1:30pm
Wednesdays – 11:30am to 1:30pm

If you are not going to playing in college in the Spring of 2022, please email to check if you can register.

Dates: May 17, 18, 24, 25. 31 June 1, 7,  8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 and 29
Each Week – $ 160