The NTR has implemented a new tryout process. These are important things you must know in order to get evaluated and make a team at Instinct:

  • Evaluation period for Club Teams begin July 5, 2018
  • Attend Tryout/Evaluation Clinics & Camps after July 5th and get to know coaches in your age group.
  • Evaluation Window ends July 21, 2018 (Acceptance Date) for 15s-18s age groups).
  • Evaluation Window ends July 28, 2018 (Acceptance Date) for 10s-14s age groups).
  • Clubs/Coaches may not discuss a specific team with a player outside their club before July 5, 2018
  • Let our coaches know you are interested in their team.
  • Athletes may attend camps, clinics, lessons prior to the evaluation window, but discussions about a specific team are prohibited

NTR Tryout Procedure

NTR Tryout FAQ

Tryout – Signing Day – tryout for fill any open spots in teams and signing day.

July 21 – 9:00 am-Noon – High School Age Groups (15-16-17-18)

July 28 – 9:00 am-Noon – Middle and Elementary School Age Groups (10-11-12-13-14)


How to be evaluated for an Instinct Team

  • Attend Instinct Evaluation-Tryout Camps, Clinics after July 5th to be evaluated
  • Talk to the Instinct coaches for your age group
  • Attend Camps and Clinics before July 5th but no conversation can take place about next club season, teams, placement.
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Evaluation Options:

Pre Tryout Clinics (PTO)

These are 90-minute clinics open to players of all levels and ages. This is a great way to get to know our coaches and be placed in other training sessions with players that will be in your future team. Cost $ 15

PTO Dates: July 6th, July 8th, July 12th, July 24th, July 25th



Wild Gold and Black Teams Assessment Clinics

This is a 2-day 2.5 hours a day camp for all players interested in making our top Wild teams. Our goal is to have non bidding offers for Wild level players at the conclusion or short after the camps. Players will be invited to join Wild team invite clinics or if return for the Wild Black-Elite Assessment Clinics. Cost $ 100

Dates: July 10-11 – 12:00 PM-2:20 PM (15s & Up) 4:00 PM-6:30 PM (14s & Under)


Wild Black-National-Elite Teams Assessment

Wild Black-National-Elite Teams Assessment Clinics –┬áthis is a 2-day 2.5 hours a day camp for players interested in making Wild Black, National and Elite teams. We will also evaluate players for the Wild Gold teams if we still have not made all non bidding offers. Cost $ 100

Dates: July 17-18 – 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM (All Ages)