SSAC Classic

Event Details
Start Date01/25/2020
Days2 Day Tournament
Teams12 Lynxes Elite
12 Lynxes Wild Gold
13 Cougars Elite
14 Leopards Wild Black
15 Cheetahs Elite
14 Leopards Elite
14 Leopards Metro

SSAC Classic has mergerd with the North Texas Rumble tournament to provide a more competitive tournament to all clubs, families and players.

All info regarding the January 25th tournament will be posted at 

We look forward to a great tournament.

Facility Rules:


  • Gate: $9 day pass
  • Seniors 65 and older free
  • 5 and under free
  • Full service concession stand available. Serving breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks, smoothies and beverages
  • Bleachers and chairs provided by SSAC
  • Prohibited: Outside food, beverages, coolers, folding chairs, alcohol, weapons, tobacco, smoking of any kind.
  • No tailgating
Team Arrive By Schedule Location Pool
12 Wild Gold 7:15 AM P-R-P-R-O-P Net Results Click for Pools
13 Elite 7:15 AM P-O-R-P-P-O ACE Click for Pools
13 Metro 7:30 AM R-P-O-P-R-P ACE Click for Pools
14 Wild Black 7:15 AM P-R-P-R-O-P Frisco Flyers Click for Pools
14 Metro 7:30 AM O-P-P-O-P-R Frisco Flyers Click for Pools
15 Elite 7:30 AM O-P-P-O-P-R SSAC Click for Pools