HTBC and Scorekeeping Clinic

Event Details
Start Date11/10/2019
LocationSport Support Athletic Center (SSAC) - former Swisher Courts

Players will be divided in 3 groups and rotate between a meeting with our Head Trainer and the scorekeeping clinic. These meetings are for players only. Parents are welcome to stay in our VIP room (free beer and wine and small snacks for purchase). Players must bring $ 7 cash to pay for the cost of the clinic.

Group A- 12WG/13 WG /13E / 13Syd / 14 Megan

Group B – – 14WG/14WB/15E/15WB / 16Mark

Group C – 16WG /17WG/17WB/ 18WG / 11 Metro /12 Metro?12 Ash


2:15-3:00 pm – Groups A and B – mandatory meeting players only with the Head Trainer.

3:00-4:30 pm – Scorekeeping Clinis – mandatory – Group A  (room 1) and Group B (room 2)

4:00-4:30 – Group C – mandatory meeting players only with the Head Trainer.

4:30-6:00 – Scorekeeping Clinis – mandatory – Group C  (room 1)

The scorekeeping clinics usually run a little late depending on experience of atendees. Be prepared to stay longer if necessary. The NTR will not issue your certification if you leave before completion of the clinic.

Bring $ 7 cash and arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to register for the clinic with coach Paula and Eduardo

All club activities are suspended until 5/22/20 to abide to the STAY AT HOME order issued by Denton County.