We pride ourselves in player development and our Instinct System focuses on all around development. We have professional coaches with international experience at the highest levels.

These are our Lead Coaches. We have maintained most of our staff and hired some new successful coaches to make our club even stronger. We have plans to have teams from 10 to 18 years of age in different levels (Wild, National, Elite, Regional and Metro).

Instinct Lead Coaches

Cilene Drewnick - Head Trainer

2 time Brazilian Olympian and Former Professional athlete
Coached with Brazil and USA national volleyball teams
National Champion (2011) and 2nd place (2012)
Featured clinician at American Volleyball Coaches Association
Coached several nationally recognized players

Eduardo Drewnick - Club Director

Former professional athlete. 15+ years of coaching experience
Bronze medal in the GJNC (Nationals) - 2016
Show Me National Qualifier Champion - 2015
3rd Place Lone Star - 15 Open - 2010
3rd Place Lone Star 14 USA - 2016

Renato Borges - Head Coach

110+ years of experience coaching at all levels
Qualified teams for Nationals at all divisions
Big South Qualifier Champion - 2010
Lone Star Qualifier - 3rd Place USA - 2016
Anaheim Qualifier Bronze medallist

Paula Araujo - Head Coach

19 years of experience coaching at all levels
Bronze medal in the GJNC (Nationals) - 2017
2017 LSC 1st Place
3rd Place Lone Star - 15 Open - 2010
Collegiate athlete - Division 1


Head Coach
Assistant Coach
Justin Else
Jose Jimenez
12 Wild Gold
Dani Kading
Becca Altman
12 Elite
Michelle Baker
Annie Burns
13 Wild Gold
Renato Borges
Hannah Lindsay
13 National
Jose Jimenez
Mark Bershell
13 Elite
Halee Clark
13 Regional
Megan Woods
14 Wild Gold
Paula Araujo
Jennifer Fluty
14 Wild Black
Summer Alford
Megan Woods
14 National
Vinicius P
Mark Bershell
14 Elite
Kaillie Ralston
14 Regional
15 Wild Gold
Paula Araujo
15 Wild Black
Jennifer Fluty
Courtney Houff
15 Wild
Ray Borges
15 Elite
Alan Bieke
15 Regional
16 Wild Gold
Eduardo Drewnick
Addie Patillo
16 National
Brauzon Neves
Kaillie Ralston
17 Wild Gold
Ray Borges
18 Wild Gold
Brauzon Neves
Summer Alford

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